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Housing Makers, a division emerging from People Global Relocation, specializes in real estate consulting services and real estate asset management services.

With this division we wish to offer our clients the full administration of their real estate assets, ranging from their purchase of houses, the management of their rent and the purchase of houses for subsequent rentals.

The services offered by this division try to cover all the necessities in the management of the purchase or rental of houses, hence reducing the risk of client miscalculations due to lack of time or knowledge.

Housing Makers has a team of mobility consultants to assist in Spanish and English.

The main mission of the company, which is the same as that of the division, is:

  • Optimize costs
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Reduce the stress of this type of matters by delegating them to professionals
  • Up-to-date knowledge available to the client


We Analyze Your Situation

housing-makers-consultingThe execution of this preliminary analysis is fundamental to the success of the operation that will be conducted.

Analysis of your needs before carrying out the process of purchase or rental of housing.

Informative report on the current market situation, including a comparison of prices on selected areas.

Evaluation of the profitability associated with the operation, cost analysis, and return on investment in case of subsequent rental.

The Best Option at your Fingertips


Locating a house in which you may want to live or invest in is complicated, since even with sufficient means, you may not always have enough time.

With our services, we provide both time and expertees.

Location and management of accommodation according to the requirements, needs and budget marked by the client.




The Best Conditions


Finding a household that meets our particular needs is not always a problem, but finding that home in the best possible conditions can be very challenging.

With Housing Makers, we negotiate the conditions of purchase in order to obtain a property under fair and appropriate circumstances.

Real estate properties often contain hidden defects, or entails problems that can greatly increase the price of the operation.

Therefore, our services consolidate the effectiveness of the purchase through a study and negotiation of the conditions of the purchase according to real time.


Forget the Bureaucracy and the Administrative Procedures


Administrative procedures are always a waste of time and a headache, hence we offer the following services.

Mortgage Management & Monitoring Services

Management and processing of the mortgage for the purchase of the house, as well as follow up with any incidents.

Contract documentation Management

Processing of all documentation for the signature of the deed.

Post-purchase Management

Administration of tax settlement, discharging of supplies, and contracting new services for the household.

We Renovate and Manage your House



With our integral service of property management, you will know which type of renter clients fit best with your home and the economic yield you will receive. Furthermore, you wont need to worry about the management of the rent, since we will take care of all the formalities related with such.

Renovation of housing and design

Management of the reform and design for the use of the house.

Lease management

Comprehensive management of housing lease, location of tenant, documentary procedures, maintenance of housing, and administration of collections and payments of supplies, amongst others.