Housing Makers, specializes in real estate consulting services and real estate asset management services.

With this division we want to offer our clients the complete administration of their real estate assets, from the purchase of houses, the management of their rental and the purchase of houses for subsequent rentals.

The services offered by this division try to cover all the needs in the management of the purchase or rental of houses, thus reducing the risk of miscalculation due to lack of time or knowledge.

Housing Makers has a team of mobility consultants to help in Spanish and English.

Locating a house where you want to live or invest is complicated, since even with sufficient means, you may not always have enough time.

With our services, we provide time and experience. Location and management of the accommodation according to the requirements, needs and budget set by the client.


The main mission of the company, which is the same as that of the division, is:

– Optimize costs.

– Customer loyalty.

– Reduce the stress of these types of issues by delegating them to professionals.

– Updated knowledge available to the client.


In this note, each process within the Housing Makers division is carried out as follows:


Analysis of the client’s needs, advice on market trends and the current market situation, and the steps to follow.


Once the analysis of the client’s needs is done, we present the proposal of the services to be produced, a schedule of action and steps to follow within the process.


The work process begins, keeping the client informed of all steps taken until the the goals established is are achieved.


Completion of the necessary tasks to close the process and follow-up of such process for any possible incidents.


Buying and selling consulting

Analysis of the needs before carrying out the process of buying or selling housing. Report on the current market situation, price comparison on selected areas, etc.

Location and home visits

Location and management of accommodation according to the requirements, needs and budget set by the client with accompaniment to the homes.

Price negotiation and conditions

Management and negotiation of the purchase conditions with the owner to get the best conditions in the market.

Mortgage management

Management and processing of the mortgage for the purchase of the home.

Tracking service and writing documentation

Processing of all documentation for the deed signing.

Post-purchase procedures

Management of tax settlement, registration / withdrawal of supplies, contracting of new housing services.

Housing renovation and design

Management of reform and design for the use of housing.

Lease management

Integral management of the lease of the house, location of the tenant, documentary procedures, maintenance of the house, management of collections and payments of supplies, etc …