Our mission is directly related to the management of time and knowledge that marks our society today.

The real estate market is a complicated market, which requires time and knowledge to be able to perform any operation on it, from buying and selling properties to the management of the rent.

Therefore, we launched Housing Makers, which will handle all aspects of real estate management, including, but not limited to, pre-purchase analysis, localization of houses, mortgage management and rent management.

The main mission of the company is:

– Optimize costs.

– Customer Loyalty.

– Reduce the stress of this type of matters by delegating them to professionals.

– Up-to-date knowledge available to the client.

This way, we seek our client’s satisfaction, providing the best balance possible in the quality/cost ratio.


Since our birth Housing Makers has always sought sustained and stable growth, taking smalls steps, but always with an extensive look.

By taking short and safe steps and by setting up a devoted team and reliable partners, we brought about the desire to expand our circle of services related to mobility. In our endeavor to extend our business, instead of having vertical growth, we decided to expand our business horizontally, hence giving the customers more options to be achieve satisfaction.

Previously, our greatest limitation had been our dependence on other public or private entities for the realization of the projects. Therefore, with our horizontal growth and the expansion of services through new specialized divisions, we reshape our vision: to have the greatest possible control of all situations for the reduction of incidents.


If there is one thing that makes our business unique, it is the efficiency in the resolution of problems and incidents. On that note, honesty and transparency of the service rendered to the client is paramount. The main value of Housing Makers is the honesty towards its clients.

We deal with the management of each process as if it were done for ourselves. Accordingly, we prioritize the need to keep informed and provide professional advice to our customers in order to create a strong and reliable relation with them.

Otherwise, if this is not met, the professional market in which the company is established in is full of intermediaries and unreliable people, hence generating a bidding market and pressures that cause a lot of stress. Therefore, our our company tries to absorb that stress and turn it into practical solutions for the client, having as a main standard the responsibility for the satisfactory completion of each process.

Finally, as part of our main values, we can also add the commitment the company has with each client: we must dedicate ourselves to offer the best of our services and the achievement of the goals set in each process for each client.