hm-iconos-14   Purchase and Sale Consultancy

Analysis of your needs before carrying out the process of purchase or rental of housing, informative report on the current market situation, comparison of prices on selected areas…


hm-iconos-25    Locating and Visiting the Houses

Location and management of accommodation according to the requirements, needs and budget marked by the client.


hm-iconos-18   Negotiation of Prices and Conditions

Management and negotiation of the conditions of the purchase with the owner to get the best conditions in the market.


hm-iconos-24  Mortgage Management & Monitoring Services

Management and processing of the mortgage for the purchase of the house, as well as follow up with any incidents.


hm-iconos-05   Contract Documentation Management

Processing of all documentation for the signature of the deed.


hm-iconos-20  Post-purchase Management

Administration of tax settlement, discharging of supplies, and contracting new services for the household.


hm-iconos-21    Renovation of housing and design

Management of the reform and design for the use of the house.


hm-iconos-16  Lease Management

Comprehensive management of housing lease, location of tenant, documentary procedures, maintenance of housing, and administration of collections and payments of supplies, amongst others.

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